Dealing with trauma requires skill, speed and teamwork. A synchronisation of these three elements can save many lives. At Sterling Hospitals, we not only recognize this critical aspect but are also fully-equipped with a dynamic trauma and polytrauma team to handle such critical situations.

Our multidisciplinary specialty approach is a unique attempt in reducing mortality and morbidity rates in polytrauma patients with the help of the best trauma specialists in India:

  • Highly experienced team of orthopaedic surgeons, general surgeons and anesthetists
  • Dedicated emergency technicians and nurses available round-the-clock
  • Specialist surgeons belonging to various sciences of urology, neuro-surgery, G I surgery, cardiothoracic surgery and plastic surgery for prompt and efficient services
  • State-of-the-art emergency room with triage services
  • Critical care unit with multi-slice CT scan facility
  • Ventilators and unique high-tech monitoring gadgets for critically ill patients


Comprehensive care of multiple injury patients under one roof is the need of the day. Availability of multidisciplinary specialty approach under one roof has led reduction in mortality and morbidity rates in polytrauma patients. Effective management during “Golden Hour” is the key to achieve high success rates.

Besides, dealing with trauma requires skills, speed and team work. When all these three indispensable elements are in complete sync, the patient is assured of the best care and attention. The special, dynamic polytrauma team at Sterling Hospitals not only recognizes this critical aspect, but practices it too, following worldwide recommended ATLS protocols.

The team at Sterling consists of specialist orthopaedic surgeons, general surgeons, anaesthetists, and dedicated emergency technicians and nurses who are available round-the-clock. Specialist surgeons belonging to various specialities of Urology, Neurosurgery, GI Surgery, Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery and Plastic Surgery, being attached to the Polytrauma Department, enable prompt and efficient services to multiple injury patients, without any delay.

The Department is backed up by state-of-the-art emergency room with TRIAGE and Critical Care Unit with Multi Slice CT Scan facility. Developed for critically ill patients, the CCU has ventilators and high-tech monitoring gadgets, making it one of the most unique and technnicall advanced setups in the entire hospital.

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