Pain of the joints can be simply unbearable. Joint replacement is the only hope that remains for patients who are suffering from severe joint ailments.

Joint replacement surgery has come out to be one of the most rewarding surgeries of the past millennium. Millions of people worldwide are moving about freely without pain and deformity after this surgery and enjoying a quality life. Sterling Hospitals offers the best-in-class facilities for joint replacement with the help of some of the best joint replacement specialists in India:

  • Surgeries are done in a dedicated ultra-clean class 100 laminar airflow OT to minimise chances of infection.
  • Body exhaust suits are utilized so that even the breath of a surgeon does not come into contact with the surgical wound
  • Best-in-class cutting instruments are utilized to deliver a precise and flawless bone-cut for perfect implant fitting
  • We are a team of highly experienced surgeons and the best consultants in their fields for pre and post-operative care of the patient
  • Well-equipped ICU to take care of high risk patients
  • Dedicated team off physiotherapists &  nursing staff for quick recovery

Joint replacement surgeries for arthritic patients are result-oriented and rewarding. Sterling offers the best-in-class pre-operative care and long term result to the patients. The objective is to lead the patient to a better quality of life. These surgeries are done in Sterling Hospital’s specially designed ‘Ultraclean Air-class 100’ OT environment to minimize the chances of infection.


  • Specially designed 'Ultra clean Air – class 100' OT environment to minimize the chances of infection
  • 'Clean Air Technology' – a  system approved by renowned consultants of the country
  • Best of the breed equipment
  • Highly experienced surgeons
  • Constantly updated medical technologies for flawless operations

Services Provided:

  • Knee replacement
  • Hip replacement
  • Shoulder & elbow joint replacement
  • Arthroscopic surgeries

For Further Information

Please contact the Arthroscopy & Joint Replacement department at Sterling Hospitals for further details.