The Urology department at Sterling is highly equipped to diagnose and treat all kinds of illness affecting the kidney, bladder and urethra, prostate and male genitalia in all age groups, independent of the origin or cause of the disorder. We have ensured that the best urologists in India are a part of Sterling Hospitals to ensure the best-in-class services and care.


  • 24 hours uro-care with daily morning and evening OPD
  • Minimal access urological emergencies
  • Urolithiasis management and prevention clinic
  • World class Dornier lithotripter with both sonographic and fluoroscopic localisation to treat all kinds of urinary stones at the most economical rates
  • World acclaimed Philips IITV with DSA facility
  • Urodynamic facility: state-of-the-art urodynamics laboratory to do investigative procedures

Laparoscopic Urology Surgeries at Sterling Hospital:

At Sterling Hospitals, our comprehensive urology department offers treatment for all types of urinary and stone diseases. Our high technology centre is capable of performing several advanced laparoscopic urology surgeries such as the following:

  • Nephrectomy Pyeloplasty
  • Adrenalectomy
  • Radial Nephrectomy
  • Radial cystoprostatectomy,
  • Radical Prostatectomy,
  • Anterior exercitation with ureterosigmoidostomy, Ureteric re-implantation with tailoring.

Besides, we also treat stone diseases and other conditions such as congenital defects, stress urinary incontinence and infertility.  We are also adept at complex urology surgeries such as

  • Lithotripsy
  • Laser lithotripsy
  • Percutaneous renal surgery
  • Intra-renal stone surgery by flexible scopes
  • Endourology
  • Minimally Invasive surgery
  • Laparoscopic Donor nephrectomy
  • Laser for prostatic surgery

At the same time, our adept surgeons are fully competent for video urodynamics so that the right treatment can be offered to patients who are suffering from a wide range of primary as well as urinary and bowel problems.

At Sterling Hospitals, we also investigate and treat problems like impotence and infertility, as well as urological cancers. We have special facilities for female urology, Paediatric oncology, and reconstructive oncology, as well.