Beauty is skin deep

The skin is the first thing that you notice when you look at a person. It's not just a covering for our body, but a part through which we get the closest contact with the outside world. Our sense of touch operates through our skin; we feel pain and changes in temperature.

A healthy skin not only makes you look attractive but also helps in maintaining the proper body temperature for the body. Skin problems can lead to severe disorders. At Sterling Hospitals, our best dermatologists in Gujarat provide you with expert diagnosis and treatment to attain a healthier and problem-free skin.


  • Skin specialists for treatment of various skin diseases, hair, and nail and cosmetics disorder.
  • Therapeutic modalities like cauterisation, radio frequency cauterisation, glycolic peeling, TCA & salicylic acid peeling for cosmetic results in various skin problems.
  • Experienced consultants to provide counselling to patients facing emotional stress.

For Further Information

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