Disease Management Group

The Disease Management Group (DMG) at Sterling Hospitals Ahmedabad is an internal team dedicated to providing specialized care for patients with specific types of cancer. This dedicated team works in close collaboration with other medical professionals, including consultants, surgeons, and nursing staff, to create a well-coordinated treatment care plan that is tailored to each patient's unique needs. 

The DMG at Sterling Hospitals Ahmedabad is highly beneficial for patients as it ensures that they receive comprehensive care throughout their treatment journey. The team provides detailed information and consultation to patients, not just during the course of their treatment but also during the post-operative care phase, ensuring that patients are fully informed about their options and involved in the decision-making process. 

Furthermore, the DMG at Sterling Hospitals Ahmedabad ensures that the quality of treatment and post-operative care is in line with current operative standards. The team empowers patients to participate in decisions about their treatment and ensures that sufficient time is allowed for decision-making. In addition, the DMG offers psychosocial support throughout the treatment processes, helping patients cope with the emotional and psychological challenges of cancer treatment. 

What makes the DMG at Sterling Hospitals Ahmedabad unique is its team of experienced and trained consultants, surgeons, and nursing staff. The group chooses the most appropriate therapy for each patient, establishes protocols in situations where alternative or conflicting options confound clinical pathways, and eliminates patient confusion due to multiple physician contacts. This ensures error-free nursing, leading to better symptom control. 

Moreover, the DMG at Sterling Hospitals Ahmedabad facilitates a common platform for medical data assessment by multiple disciplines for individualized treatment, resulting in improved health outcomes for patients and more responsible use of resources. Overall, the Disease Management Group at Sterling Hospitals Ahmedabad is a valuable asset in the fight against cancer and offers patients the best possible care through a multidisciplinary approach.