Stereotactic Radiation

At Sterling Hospitals, our state-of-the-art facility utilizes advanced procedures for delivering highly precise and targeted radiation doses to tumors and other anatomical targets while minimizing exposure to surrounding healthy tissues. Stereotactic Radiation can be categorized into different types, including:

  • Stereotactic Radio Surgery (SRS): This specialized technology is used for brain cancers, delivering a high radiation dose in a single-day session with precisely targeted radiation beams at higher doses compared to conventional radiation therapy.
  • Stereotactic Radio Therapy (SRT): We utilize this technology for fractionated stereotactic treatment of brain cancers, equally distributed between 1 to 5 single doses.
  • Stereotactic Body Radio Surgery (SBRS): This advanced technology delivers a single high-dose radiation in one session for tumors other than brain and spinal cord tumors. It is particularly beneficial for targeting small and difficult-to-reach tumors that may move due to normal body movement.
  • Stereotactic Body Radio Therapy (SBRT): This technology involves fractionated stereotactic treatment for tumors other than the brain and spinal cord.