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Sterling Hospitals is dedicated to improving healthcare delivery by partnering with communities at home and abroad. With a growing global reach, the hospital is committed to providing world-class medical care and a personalized experience to international patients. The International Patients Team at Sterling Hospitals ensures that all patient and attendant requirements are taken care of, making every patient's experience delightful and comfortable in India.   Our International Patient Services provide a one-stop-shop for all the needs of international patients, including seamless coordination between hospital, doctors, and patients. The dedicated International lounge and International Concierge Desk offer a comfortable environment for patients to receive remote consultations, schedule appointments, and receive counselling on clinical procedures, financial details, and stay arrangements. We also provide assistance with boarding, lodging, and transport, as well as help with medical visa formalities and interpreter/translation services for non-English speaking patients. Our team is also available to offer support with Foreign National Regional Registration Office (FRRO) formalities, special dietary and religious needs, post-discharge follow-up, and even local sightseeing if desired.

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International Patient Services at Sterling

Offering assistance with travel arrangements, language interpretation, and personalized medical treatment plans

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