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In the realm of medical emergencies, time is of the essence. These critical situations, numerous in variety, demand swift action to avert potential tragedies. The response of bystanders and the decisions made in such moments often stand as the fine line between life and death. Recognizing the signs and acting promptly can truly be the difference-maker.

Statistics paint a stark reality: over 80% of emergency-related fatalities occur within the initial hour. Regrettably, inadequate or delayed first aid, or even the absence thereof during transit to medical facilities, remains a predominant factor. By the time treatment commences, it's often an uphill battle.

As conscientious stewards of healthcare, we at Sterling Hospitals have committed ourselves to the noble task of preserving countless lives. Through regular health awareness endeavors, we strive to enlighten communities about various health conditions. Now, elevating our life-saving efforts, we aim to empower thousands of individuals through education and training, forging a formidable network of lifesavers. But we recognize that such a monumental task requires collective effort—we cannot embark on this journey alone.

Introducing "LifeSavER" an initiative born from the heart of Sterling Hospitals, aimed at tackling the aforementioned challenges head-on. Our mission is to curtail pre-hospital fatalities during medical emergencies. Collaborating with kindred spirits, we intend to impart comprehensive training on emergency response, facilitated by our esteemed medical professionals. From First Aid Essentials to Advanced Cardiac Life Support, we're committed to equipping participants with invaluable skills.

Basic Training

Focuses on fundamental first aid skills, recognizing emergencies, and avoiding common mistakes.

Advanced Training

Offers advanced emergency response training to handle complex situations and support medical teams upon arrival; hence creating the Rapid Response Team (RRTs)

Train The Trainers

Develops a cadre of certified trainers who can then teach others in their communities, ensuring a sustainable and multiplying effect of the training efforts

LifeSavER Training Programs

Our training programs are designed to equip individuals and communities with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively respond to medical emergencies. These programs ensure that participants are prepared for a wide range of situations, from basic first aid to advanced emergency response.

LifeSavER Training Experts

Our LifeSavER training sessions are led by a team of esteemed doctors, each specializing in different life-saving techniques. These experienced professionals bring their expertise to train participants, ensuring high-quality and comprehensive emergency response education.

Dr. Abhishek SharmaEmergency Medicine
Dr. Ankur MasaniEmergency Medicine
Dr. Krunal DesaiEmergency Medicine
Dr. Sankalp VanzaraCritical Care, Emergency Medicine

Media and Events

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LifeSavER training @ Takshshila Nursing College

Sterling Hospitals Vadodara organized LifeSavER activity for Ambulance Drivers, Students of Takshshila Nursing College, and Redcross Staff of Dahod. Overall 70+ people participated in the training session.

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LifeSavER training @ Railway Hospital Dahod

Sterling Hospitals Vadodara in association with Railway Hospital Dahod organized LifeSavER training for the associates of the Railway Hospital. The training witnessed participation from 50+ people.

First Aid Techniques

How to give CPR in case of emergency

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LifeSavER Speaks

Last summer, I collapsed from sudden cardiac arrest. The medical team's swift CPR saved my life, turning potential tragedy into a miracle. Their dedication and skill gave me a second chance—CPR isn't just a skill; it's a lifesaver, and I'm living proof.

Ms. Ria AggarwalCardiac Arrest

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